The EYE LEVEL Philosophy

Often times, I encounter a question or statement that goes along the line of something like this... "Eye Level. What (type of name) is that? ..." My answer usually ends up including these two points: No, we're not an eye doctor office. And yes, we were once called E.Nopi. Eye Level is the English translation of the Korean educational phrase, enopi. Our coporate headquarters decided to re-brand a few years ago. Then, I go into this explaination about the philosophy behind the name of the brand: 

The name Eye Level stems from a story about a teacher who sought to improve his ability to teach. During a trip to an art museum, the teacher knelt down and looked up at every painting. A curious fellow visitor asked why he was crouched down to examine the works of art. He replied, “I’m an elementary school teacher and I’m bringing my students here tomorrow. I was wondering how they would enjoy the paintings they see, so I’m exploring the museum at their eye level.”

So, there you have it! Eye Level. Seeing at each student's specific and individualized eye level. You can expect our staff to carefully work with your student, according to his or her personality and learning style. We hope you can find a great fit with us!