Your Questions -- Answered!


Q: What makes Eye Level stand apart from other learning centers?

A: We cultivate critical and creative thinking. Our Math curriculum is two-fold; it encompasses both Basic Thinking and Critical Thinking math concepts so that your child is stimulated not only by foundational exercises, but also by building upon their special relationships, practicing cumulative number patterns, and logically reasoning.


Q: What sort of learning programs do you offer?

A: Our curriculum is designed for ages 3 to 18. At our center, we provide Math, English and Play Math. 


Q: Is Eye Level aligned with the Common Core State Standards?

A: YES! Our curriculum is taught in levels so that students achieve mastery with each topic. Eye Level Math books incorporate visual layouts and rounding techniques similar to the CCSS for addition and subtraction. Eye Level English books offer an extensive review of vocabulary and reading comprehension practice with informational texts. Please ask to see one of our Common Core brochures or our CCSS binder to see more information about how Eye Level offers Common Core enrichment.


Q: What sort of entrance exam does my child have to take?

A: Any placement test that your child takes for our Math or English program is FREE, and is offered at no cost to you. There is no obligation to enroll by simply having your child take our placement test. Once your child is finished, we will grade the exam and discuss with you where your child will be placed on our curriculum map, and why.


Q: Does Eye Level provide study materials and homework?

A: YES, and YES. Parents pay tuition as an all-inclusive price. This provides students with all leveled booklets, a folder, and a notebook. Eye Level homework is also provided after each class as at-home reinforcement assignments. The more homework they do, the faster your child will progress in our program.


Q: How long will it take for my child to progress in their skills?

A: Every child is different. Your child’s visible progress depends on several factors, such as: whether you are enrolling for weekly sessions or bi-weekly sessions; whether your child completes Eye Level homework on a consistent basis; and how much advancement you are aiming to achieve. But as a supplemental program to their school work, all students must invest time and effort into Eye Level in order to see permanent results.


Q: What happens if I am dissatisfied with your program?

 If you are unable to commit to our program long-term, all you need do is provide us with 30 days’ advance notice for a Program pause or cancellation. This time frame allows for us to properly remove your child from our system, so that there are no billing discrepancies on either our end, or yours.