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Cheshire, CT 1185 South Main Street
Cheshire, CT 06410
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Eye Level originated in Korea nearly 40 years ago. More than 2 million school-age children are now enrolled worldwide. With our proactive learning method, we are a leading provider of supplemental education. The Eye Level approach is based on one key principle: the pace and perspective of our students. Their needs are taken into account by our instructors, resulting in effective coaching and learning. Each student enrolled in our study programs undergoes a five-step process in order to maximize his or her learning potential: 

 Diagnostic Assessment 
 Initial Starting Point 
 Self Directed Learning 
 Assessment & Evaluation


Whether your child is struggling in his studies, in need to sharpening her skills, or in want of more challenging work, we are here to help! At our after-school enrichment center, we offer challenging programs of study in Math and English. We customize our systematic curriculum to cater to each student's unique needs, hence viewing Mathematics and English at a student's eye level. Regardless of school grade, each child is assessed for their academic ability and begin our curriculum where they are comfortable and confident. Our programs welcome students as they enter pre-school and engage students through early high school- once again depending on each student's eye level. Utilizing personalized academic coaching and guidance, we are committed to helping your child learn and master foundational basics during their school years. We hope that they may succeed and excel.

Our center is located on Route 10, (South Main St. in Cheshire),  opposite Merry Maids,  and  just beyond the shopping plazas in the southern part of town, close to the Hamden border. 




Eye Level is a great place to go because everyone there is kind and nice.
--Thuy, South End Elementary

I get to learn cool math stuff that I've never learned before and I get cool prizes!
--James, Highland School

Hello! Eye Level made me feel smarter and gave me a head start at school.
--Minh, Kennedy Middle School

Eye Level has been a great experience for my two children. Their increased fluency in math facts and thinking has resulted in much better understanding and much less frustration in school. They love coming to Eye Level, and the instructors are wonderful to work with. They are always helpful and willing to listen to our concerns.
--Sara, Parent

"Eye Level makes you smarter than you were before."
--Joshua, Highland School

"It gives me a head start above what I'm doing in school."
--Kevin, Xavier High School

"Eye Level is the best way to learn."
--Shaun, Highland School

"Eye Level is helping me become smarter than I was supposed to be."
--Alvin, St. Bridget School


Contact Information

Eye Level Learning Center of Cheshire
1185 South Main Street

E      cheshire@myeyelevel.com
T      203-250-3386
F      --

Hours Of Operation

3:30-7:00 PM
3:30-7:00 PM
3:30-7:00 PM
3:30-7:00 PM
3:30-7:00 PM


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